All those who want the ultimate gaming laptop get the new, we have an impressive candidate for the throne – Lenovo IdeaPad Y900. It is a model of an impressive performance, but this is not just about performance, but a huge number of little things that mean life, extras, features that set it apart from other models, petty and not so petty options for setting and customizing which Lenovo is implemented, which really make a difference in comparison to the competition. Let’s see what this is about.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900

Filip Majkić

Often we know how to say that we have a computer with no compromises. Rarely have we thought as serious as this time. Lenovo is very ambitious stepped into the world of high-performance computing, correctly estimating that this was room for improvement. Gaming computers are the category that will grow in the coming years, as well as all categories of hardware related to gaming. In the overall stagnation of PC industry, it is certainly worthwhile to enter this segment, especially if the average price of the sold product is raised.

Well, let’s leave business story for another time. A phenomenal computer is in front of us! How good, you will learn on this and the following pages. One thing is certain – it must be damn good for a price that is serious not only for the computer world, but also for other fields. Namely, the price range is extremely wide and it can go, as is the case with the model from our test, to the full half a million dinars! These are serious suspicions, although it is a fact that you can go and much better with models of only a few modest specifications that cost a hundred thousand dinars less. But the fact is that, in turn, it gets a fantastic experience in every way, so let’s see what this great computer can do for you!



First, we must say that the Lenovo Y900 is characterized by a fantastic build quality and appealing design. Although it’s still a massive 17.3-inch laptop weighing 4.6 kilograms, it’s extremely attractive from all sides due to its brushed aluminum design and the recognizable black and red color combination. It is especially nice to watch it when the computer is turned on and when the letter Y, which has become a kind of symbol of the gaming line of Lenovo computers, is bright with a bright red color.


The package is rich in additional equipment, which is expected primarily towards gamers, to whom the computer is primarily intended. We zip the mouse pad, the red spare keys for the keyboard if you want to replace the buttons that are most commonly used in shooters, and there is an external optical device. It’s a DVD writer that connects to USB and will ensure full compatibility with your game database in case you still have some stuff on discs.


However, the most beautiful and most valuable part of the bonus package is the gaming mouse. Lenovo calls it Y Gaming Precision Mouse. It is designed in the spirit of Y computers and the entire game in general, with a Y-shaped ball that lights up on the top page. The mouse has an Avago laser sensor with a resolution of 8200 DPI, and it’s probably clear from this information that Y Gaming Precision belongs to the upper class of mouse mice. If you want, you can optimize its weight with the weights that are delivered in the package.


A little warning – the mouse is of a larger dimension! It will definitely suit people with large hands, but we see clearly the situation in which certain groups of users will not match the ergonomics. When it comes to ergonomics, we have the situation that the Back and Forward keys on the left side are separated, but also that the mouse lines are often sharp and bevelled. We will also boast the wheels and rough elements on the hips that make adhesion better. With Omron microscopes that guarantee 20 million clicks on the main keys, you can be quiet and confident that you will enjoy long mouse sessions, but also know that you will get a complete gaming experience in the package without the need for additional equipment.